Meeting Deadlines During the Pandemic: A Team Achievement

Achievement of our Team

We had faced many challenges in the past two decades, being the leading manufacturer of technical parts with CNC and conventional machining. But the pandemic COVID-19 was one of the most challenging for us. It impacted not only us but all our high-caliber employees. We manufacture forged and machined parts for our clients and export them in foreign countries and have a skilled and experienced workforce, which have the major contribution and are our strength. The pandemic has probably changed the way we see the world today. And similarly coping with the situation is keeping one self-focused in work is also a big challenge.

Yet amid the tragedy and uncertainty during Coronavirus ran a strong undercurrent of hope among our employees. Individuals and communities responded with empathy and strength. Despite widespread layoffs, furloughs, and shutdowns, Unispares India swiftly prioritized employee health and safety, maintained essential services, and implemented real-time workforce strategies. Our commitment to employee well-being enabled us to sustain operations and meet deadlines amidst the crisis.

Deadline during the Pandemic

COVID-19 has reinforced our conviction that human concerns are not separate from technological advances. They are integral for organizations like ours, looking to capture the full value of the technologies.


  1. Amidst the crisis, organizations discovered that technology wasn’t the main challenge; rather, supporting essential staff through thick and thin was crucial.
  2. Our dedicated workforce stood by us, enabling us to meet targets and deadlines despite the difficult times. COVID-19 reinforced the importance of aligning work with a greater purpose for employee morale.
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