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Unispares India - Surface Coating

We at Unispares India are the major manufacturers of Construction, Agricultural, and Automotive parts and spare parts. We supply industrial machine parts and components all across India and also to the global market. We export quality custom and OEM parts to various places. We can provide quality service for surface coating facilities and produce top-quality rust-free parts and components. All the surface coating and processes that are carried out are done in accordance with ISO DIN or any other desired standards

Mostly it is seen that special surface treatment is required for metal surfaces, in order to have the desired optimum properties. The coating method differs for different applications. We at Unispares India have the following surface coating techniques:


Electroplating / Galvanizing is the most common method for surface coating technique, which is used for various applications. During the process, the coating is created by applying zinc to the steel sheet and strip by electro-deposition. The operation is continuous and the thickness of the coating is minimal.
  1. Blue – Blue Zinc is also called clear passivate or silver zinc. Blue chromates provide 48 hours of protection against white corrosion.
  2. Yellow – Yellow Zinc Plating refers to the color of the chromate that is applied after zinc gets deposited on the surface. Yellow Chromate actually protects from corroding.
  3. Black – Black zinc plating is the color chromate that is applied after the plating process. It includes a layer of zinc on the surface by black chromate.
Chrome VI free
The ability of the chromate layer to protect zinc from corrosion is strongly dependent on the thickness of the passivating layer. Cr (VI) is developed for zinc iron. It helps in surface strength and meets the higher automotive industry corrosion standards. Hence, Unispares India uses it for spare parts and components of the automotive industry

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. The coating material is mainly made up of finely grounded particles of resin and pigment for color, along with additives for a specific function like providing gloss finishing or hardness. At Unispares India we use it to produce workpiece which are scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion-proof. The process helps us cut costs, improved efficiency, and facilitates compliance with the environment.

Hot Dip Galvanization

The hot-dip galvanization process is very versatile and the component ranging from small nuts and bolts to long structural sections can be treated, hence is extensively used by us. The unique process is to immerse clean steel into molten zinc, a series of zinc-iron alloys formed. This results in providing, a robust coating which is an integral part of the steel.


Before painting, the surface is usually machined to a bright finish, and further mechanically polished, and then subjected to cleaning solvent. The paint powder is applied electrostatically to achieve a uniform deposit on any intricate workpiece.

Chrome, Nickel Coating

Nickel chrome plating is the most common technique wherein nickel and chromium electrodeposits form multiple layered finishes on any component. We at Unispares India use it for various components and spare parts for the construction, agricultural, and automotive industry. We can achieve a shiny and glossy appearance on parts or spare parts.

Dacromet and Geomat

We do Geomet and Dacromet zinc flake coating using the dip-spin/spray process. It is one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly ways of surface coating. Unispares India uses it for corrosion-resistant, better adhesion, heat resistant property to the workpiece. It is used for machine parts and spare parts of automotives, agricultural, and construction equipment.

Surface Coating - Standard and Special Parts

We are the Manufacturer and supplier of Standard and Special Parts for the Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, and Industrial machinery. We provide forged, and machined parts with High-quality Standards at the best cost.

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