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Unispares India - Heat Treatment

Unispares India with heat treatment facility is sufficient and has most can provide intricate and specific heat treatment in accordance with the requirement. All our components produced for clients are checked and inspected, before shipping, at all levels of the process to ensure that the final component confirms the specifications. Our heat treatment unit supports:

This is the most common heating process of all, toughening is used to increase the hardness of the metal. The workpiece is subjected to heat, at a specific temperature, and then is allowed to cool rapidly. This results in increased hardness and strength
Case hardening
Cases hardening, also known as surface hardening, is a type of hardening where the surface of the metal object is subjected to hardening, whereas the metal deeper inside remains soft. Thus, this process helps in forming a thin layer of hard metal at the surface.
In this heat treatment process, the workpiece is subjected to heat in presence of another material that releases carbon on decomposition. So, when heated the released carbon is absorbed into the surface of the metal. The carbon content on the surface will result in a harder surface compared to the inner core.
Nitriding heat treatment is a way of surface hardening. Nitriding diffuses nitrogen into the surface of the certain metal creating a hard surface that is resistant to wear and corrosion.
During the process, workpieces are heated in a sealed chamber, before nitrogen and carbon are added. The part is heated into the austenitic range, a phase change occurs and carbon and nitrogen atoms diffuse into the part. Low-carbon, low-alloy steels with low hardenability are good for this process.
Induction heat treatment
Induction heat treatment is a process used for the surface hardening of steel and other alloy components. The workpiece is heat-treated with a copper coil and is heated above the transformation temperature. The alternating current in the coil induces an alternating magnetic field within the workpiece which causes the outer surface of the part to heat to a temperature above the transformation range.

Heat Treatment - Standard and Special Parts

We are the Manufacturer and supplier of Standard and Special Parts for the Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, and Industrial machinery. We provide forged, and machined parts with High-quality Standards at the best cost.

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