Thread Rolling

Unispares India - Thread Rolling

Thread rolling is a mechanical process where the thread is cold formed, where the part is squeezed between thread dies on a thread rolling machine. Thread rolling is popular as it provides stronger thread and no loss of material. Unispares India is one of the major industries for thread rolling as one of its efficient processes. We have been into exporting and supplying throughout India for agricultural machinery, heavy equipment and components used for construction, spare parts, and custom parts of many other types of machinery.

Thread rolling results in more strengthened and tensile strength material

There are many benefits of thread rolling over conventional thread cutting. There is a raw material saving, which means that no waste of raw material. There thread after rolling is found to be more strengthened, tensile strength, as well as root hardness, also increases. The overall process of manufacturing time is reduced when the rolling process is involved. The surface has more superior smoothness and the grain structure is retained. The high-pressure process of thread rolling, changes the properties of rolled metal parts, making the thread harder and stronger.

Unispares India can and deliver long-lasting, high-quality thread roll

Unispares India has the fastest delivery of standard and custom thread rolls in the industry. No matter what specifications govern your product, we can design, manufacture and deliver long-lasting, high-quality thread roll that meets our client’s exact specifications. However, before we put any material for thread rolling we need to consider the elongation factor. This property determines if the metal can safely handle the displacement forces of thread rolling. Metals must meet a certain requirement, so that as a result we achieve finished product form geometry, finish, fatigue resistance, strength, and wear resistance.

Thread Rolling - Standard and Special Parts

We are the Manufacturer and supplier of Standard and Special Parts for the Agricultural, Automobile, Construction, and Industrial machinery. We provide forged, and machined parts with High-quality Standards at the best cost.