carbon, alloy, and stainless steel Forging

Unispares India – Forging

Unispares India operates a major forging plant near the capital of India, covering 10000 sq meters. We focus on top-quality, durable products and use modern equipment and skilled workers. Our forging process is ideal for superior performance and safety in various metals. Soft metals like aluminum and brass can be forged for specific uses. This process improves resistance and strength by plastically deforming metal into the desired shape.


Our forging plant consists of many inhouse facilities described below:

Our Well-equipped Tool Rooms

Our top-notch equipment in place ensures that we produce high-quality material at a low price. Our in-house lab helps us with sophisticated vertical machining centers and milling machines, bench drills, radial drills with a computerized monitoring facility helps us to provide quality and accuracy in products.

Die Making

We are committed to producing high-quality material at a low price, which is backed by our top-notch equipment. To ensure the quality and accuracy of our products, our in-house lab is equipped with sophisticated vertical machining centers, milling machines, bench drills, and radial drills with a computerized monitoring facility. In the die section, our skilled workers manufacture turned, blanked, and machined components after a perfect design of the forging die. Moreover, the manufacturing process involves different die forging processes that depend on the product’s maximum part strength, custom size, and performance specifications for the application.



To deform the metal, we utilize the hammer or the power hammer, whether handheld or massive, delivering high-pressure impact blows with a driving force of 50,000 lbs. Our equipment includes Drop Hammer & Forging Press, enabling us to forge a job weighing up to 15 Kgs (33Lbs).

Raw material check and color code applied

Once the manufacturer delivers the steel, we proceed to visually and dimensionally inspect the raw material. We also conduct chemical composition and mechanical tests to ensure that it meets the desired specifications. For quick access and easy differentiation, we store the stocks of SS and CS material separately. Additionally, we apply color codes to every unit of raw material, following the color coding scheme, which aids in tracking the material throughout the manufacturing process. After reviewing the supplier’s test certificate for the raw material, we perform internal Granule Corrosion testing and ultrasonic testing. Finally, we stamp the lot numbers on the marked and cut materials for identification purposes.


Shot blasting section

We perform shot blasting to remove pit marks, scaling, and other imperfections and ensure the finished product meets standards before shipping to clients.


QC process

We follow best practices and always provide quality products that are according to international quality. We follow all standards right from when we get the raw material till we have to get it packed and shipped out.We adhere to international quality standards and consistently deliver high-quality products from raw material procurement to shipment.


Forging - Standard and Special Parts

We are the Manufacturer and supplier of Standard and Special Parts for the Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, and Industrial machinery. We provide forged, and machined parts with High-quality Standards at the best cost.

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