We proudly announce 100% Vaccination of our all employees.

UNISPARES India Vaccination program

The Corona Pandemic has made vaccination the most essential in our lives. Ever since COVID-19 has started taking the lives of thousands of people all across the globe, the Indian government has taken all necessary steps to ensure the people get the vaccination at the earliest, irrespective it’s any major metropolitan city or small village. The majorly used vaccines are made in India itself and are successful in controlling and slowing down the pandemic.

Knowing that coronavirus currently has no treatment or immunization, it is now more important that each and every one of us are vaccinated so that the entire population of our country is prevented from contracting this dangerous disease and from preventive outbreak and pandemic. UNISPARES India unambiguous is part of this awareness and has taken all necessary steps to get their entire employees vaccinated at the earliest.

UNISPARES India step for safeguarding its employees against COVID-19 pandemic

UNISPARES India has thousands of employees working for them as they are major and leading manufacturers of OEM agricultural machinery parts and heavy earth moving machinery parts. The management of UNISPARES India has taken the vaccination of all their employees extremely seriously and has left no stone unturned to get every employee of all departments to get vaccinated to safeguard them from the effect of COVID-19.

The essential cost for vaccination and transport factor is covered by the Company itself. Even the after-effects like pain and fever are taken seriously and the employees were given proper rest as well as essential medicine from the company to keep the entire vaccination program smooth and most effective. The program started with fixing the day for vaccination of all employees, and special arrangements for the buses were made so that no employee has to spend money on any unnecessary transport.

UNISPARES India set an example for its concern for all employees working under them

The management arranged 4 buses specially for taking all the employees to the vaccination center, and also bringing them back after the vaccination was done. All the cost for vaccination was totally covered by UNISPARES India. Essential steps were taken after vaccination like giving adequate rest to all the employees and supplying medicine if at all required by any of them. It was a huge program and was handled meticulously without any hurdles.

It’s one of the employee welfare activities done by UNISPARES India, setting up an example of how concerned the company is for the health of each employee it has. Such work should be carried out by all major companies, for the betterment and care of the entire employee who is constantly working with full dedication, making it easy for the company to reach its goal.

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