carbon, alloy, and stainless steel Forging

Unispares India – Forging

Our Forging plant is spread in 10000 sq meters near the capital of India. Unispares India has been a major manufacturing unit in the forging process to get the best quality products that have good durability. We have the latest equipment in place and a skilled workforce to get the excellent forging parts manufacturing process. The forging process we employ is ultimate for applications that require performance and safety features. There is a wide range of metals that can be forged; it includes carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Soft metals like aluminum, brass also are forged depending on use. The basic concept of the process is metal is plastically deformed into desired shapes, resulting in better resistance and strength. Our forging plant consists of many inhouse facilities described below:

Our Well-equipped Tool Rooms Our top-notch equipment in place ensures that we produce high-quality material at a low price. Our in-house lab helps us with sophisticated vertical machining centers and milling machines, bench drills, radial drills with a computerized monitoring facility helps us to provide quality and accuracy in products.

Die Making

The die section is well equipped to manufacture turned, blanked, and machined components with skilled workers. After a perfect design of the forging die, we start the manufacturing process. Following are a few die forging processes that differ from product to product based on maximum part strength, custom size, and performance specifications for the application.


Buy Bulk Xanax Online The hammer or the power hammer is most commonly associated with forging. Whether a handheld hammer or a massive power hammer, the tool is extensively used to repeatedly hit the metal in order to deform it. As long as it possesses a 50,000 lbs driving force to deliver high-pressure impact blows, a hammer can pound metal into shape, We are equipped with Drop Hammer & Forging Press which enables us to forge a job up to 15 Kgs (33Lbs) in weight.

Raw material check and color code applied

After receiving steel from the manufacturer, a visual and dimensional check of the raw material is done. Additionally, We conduct chemical composition tests & mechanical tests to make sure if the raw material confirms the desired specifications. The stocks of SS and CS material are kept separately for fast access and easy distinction. The color codes are applied as per the color coding scheme to every unit of raw material. The color-coding scheme helps to track the material during the manufacturing process. The test certificate from suppliers for raw material is reviewed. Internal Granule Corrosion testing and ultrasonic testing are done. Marking and cutting the materials are stamped with lot numbers for identification.

Shot blasting section

To get additional service done like descaling operation through shot blasting is carried out to remove pit marks, scaling, and other marks. The finished product thus is up–to–the–mark before shipping it to our clients.

QC process

We follow best practices and always provide quality products that are according to international quality. We follow all standards right from when we get the raw material till we have to get it packed and shipped out.

Forging - Standard and Special Parts

We are the Manufacturer and supplier of Standard and Special Parts for the Agricultural, Automobile, Construction, and Industrial machinery. We provide forged, and machined parts with High-quality Standards at the best cost.